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Kitchen refacing ideas – refacing your cabinets and walls

Refacing cabinets and walls is a cost-effective way to update your kitchen decor. Refacing means to replace or renovate a kitchen surface – instead of ripping out cabinets and tearing down walls. With the right materials and a little sweat equity, you can give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank.

Kitchen refacing ideas – Using wood veneer

Refacing your kitchen cabinets with wood veneers is significantly cheaper than buying new cabinets. It is a project that you can do with peel-and-stick veneer strips or just veneer sheets. Flat cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be refaced with a peel-and-stick product without architectural details. Cut wood veneer products to fit your custom size cabinets. Peel-and-stick veneer strips are available in standard sizes to cabinet sides, styles and rail passes. Apply regular veneer with wood glue and finishing nails.

Kitchen refacing using sheets and tiles

Kitchen Refacing

Reface your kitchen cabinets or walls between the cabinets with metal plates and tiles. Decorative tin tiles are available in different finishes and designs for use as a large kitchen backsplash or wall plate. Metal Plating is also available in stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum antique. Doors are available for purchase from special cabinet companies. Bring metal plates on the sides, styles and rails to fit the doors. Reface your own flat doors or raised panel cabinet doors with tin tiles or metal sheets. Glue the metal on the flat parts and paint or stain the indented areas as an accent.

Kitchen refacing ideas – Repainting

One of the most inexpensive ways to do kitchen refacing on kitchen cabinets and walls is to refinish them with stain or paint. Refinishing cabinets can be labor intensive, but are definitely worth it. Remove the doors and drawers before refacing cabinet boxes. Sand all wood with light-grade paper to prepare the surface for the new finish. If the cabinets are painted, they can not stain until you can remove every trace of paint. It is much easier to repaint painted cabinets than to prepare them for the colors. You can paint over stained cabinets after a light sanding.

Refacing the walls with paint is not so much trouble. A layer of primer on the top of the existing paint is to prepare the surface for new paint. You can change the color scheme of your kitchen with a painted wall. Painting a mural is another way to dramatically change the kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing

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