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Renovating your kitchen to reflect the real you

Are you remodeling your house? If yes, then it’s time to spice up an area of your house that you’ve never really paid much attention to- yes you’re right, we’re talking about your kitchen. Right from your cabinets to appliances, everything in your kitchen can be designed and renovated to give your kitchen the look that someone would not be able to get his eyes off of. Continue reading to discover some of the top tips and advices in doing the perfect renovations for your kitchen.

Don’t underestimate the power of quality

Especially in your kitchen, ensure that every material you use is of the best possible quality. Even in simple things such as drawer slides and hinges, using good quality materials would ensure that the cabinet doors are closed when closed and drawers don’t stick. Avoid using drawers made of particleboard or those which are stapled together. For the interiors of your cabinets, wood veneer is a better option than MDF or laminate.

Selecting the right appliances


While renovating your kitchen, it is important to stick to simple and reliable appliances instead of numerous gadgets. You not only avoid a lot of unnecessary purchases that way but also save on storage space and repair costs.

Selecting the right countertop

Elegance while selecting a countertop should be your prime concern. Use materials like white Carrera marble and/or stained wood for better warmth and elegance. Other materials that you can consider are plastic laminate with a wood edge limestone and soapstone to get a more sophisticated look.

Use the right height cabinets

This one is especially important for higher ceilings. If your ceilings are over 8 foot tall, then using cabinets that go all the way to it would offer you more storage. This helps you use the extra wall space for open shelves and even artwork. For ceilings higher than eight feet, leaving around eighteen inches above the cabinets is advisable.

Keep it compatible and don’t overdo the details

Do not do excess of decoration in only one part of your house, such as the kitchen. Design accents like using pediments above the stoves, platter mounding on the front cabinets and so on are what decorative excess means. Keep in mind that your kitchen style should be in theme with that of the rest of your home.
Your kitchen should be a reflection of your interest and not a replica of a showroom. Always add only those elements which you like and feel are as per your interests, and not some uninspired but swanky looking designs.

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