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The life of every kitchen- the kitchen supplies

Some of the best kitchen supplies whisked, grated, spatula’s and stirred by the top most food department available in the market are:-

Flavor Shakers

Kitchen Supplies - 1

Call it a contemporary day pestle and mortar: this glistening and polished can holds a ceramic ball which grinds moils spices, crushes the garlic and mixes vinaigrettes and marinades with only a few quick shakes.


Blow away the complicated knife work. Even the kitchen beginners can rig out pretty matchstick vegetables strips for stir- fries and salads with this solid julienne peeler.

Cake Lifter

Annoyed of cakes with breaks and cracks? Stacking and moving freshly melted layers is a gust with this amazingly light, ultra-wide spatula. It is great for bringing rolled- out pi dough, mini-pizza and tarts too.

Potato Ricer

Make fluffy, light mashed potatoes in just a few minutes with this amazingly sturdy, easy-to-clean tool. All you have to do is fill it with the cooked potatoes- or celery root or parsnips or carrots and squeeze! The smooth skating stainless steel appliance does the rest of the work!

Scoop Colander

This super-sized ladle is available in 4 different cheery colors! You can scoop and drain the vegetables, ravioli, shrimp and dumplings directly from the pot with this amazing appliance!

Measuring Beakers

-Are you having shortage of space? This malleable silicone 1-, 2- and 4- cup magnum nest neatly inside each other for a basic footprint. All you need to do is squeeze one in the middle to make a drip-free pour spout.

Pizza slicer with crust cutter

-It is not like your regular pie cutter. This important utensil has an extra set of blades in the handle which cuts through tough crusts fits in the compact corners.

Food decorating pen

– Fill this kid-friendly syringe of silicone with beautiful icings and decorate your cakes and cookies like a pro! You can also adjust the line thickness by its removable tip.

Digital Scale

Committed bakers and the ones who follow the foreign cook-books know that balancing and measuring the ingredients gives you the best precision for the most delicious results! This very easy test kitchen favorite helps in measuring ounces, pounds, grams and is available in 9 different colors to go with your kitchen decors!
So, get started with your cooking spree! 

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