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Add backsplash tile in your kitchen for elegant look

Kitchen can also be made centre of attraction for all, if you go for colorful and beautiful backsplash tile matching with your countertop and kitchen cabinets. Nowadays, many people are interested in having backsplash in their kitchen for classy look and easy maintenance. You can explore number of options in terms of colors, designs, patterns and materials, thus select such that goes well with other elements of kitchen.


You can find number of designs like subway tile, which has rectangular brick like pattern. This type of tile looks very simple, yet elegant. The rectangle shape can be of varying size and can be set in any way that is whether vertical, horizontal or cross, etc. Other is mosaic style design which comes in various patterns like stripe in random pattern, floral design tile, free hand designs, and many other classy designs. If you want to give more prominent look to your backsplash compare to your other elements, then mosaic style of backsplash tile is a better option. This both style can be combined with some portions of subway covered with mosaic style in it. One other style is also well accepted among people is penny tile. It is small size tile, which basically comes in round shape. It looks classy and traditional. You can go for any design as per the structure and other elements of kitchen.


The base for the color selection is the type and hue of kitchen countertops, wall color of whole kitchen and color and arrangement of kitchen cabinets. You can find number of colors like black, silver, grey, red, wood color, white, cream, and many more. Light grey tiles look great with white cabinet and kitchen. White subway tiles with dark grout goes well with dark brown color cabinets. Thus you can try number of color combination. In single backsplash, you can also use contrasting colors to get more eye catching look.


Backsplash comes in various materials like granite, glass, wood, stones, pebbles, thermoplastic, ceramic, marble, and many more. Each comes in varying price, where glass, granite and marble are expensive one. Ceramic is the one option that you can look for, which looks elegant along with less expensive.

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