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Kitchen tile

Kitchen tiles are the new diva in the enchanting world of Home Decor. Gone are the old days when kitchens were hidden from the eye of the visitors, lost in the obscure corners of the house, without glamour and splendor. With increasing focus on fashion in the field of architecture, modern kitchens are receiving a makeover and more than often experimentation with tiles which adorn the walls and the floors of these newly-dressed up kitchens is a common affair.

The backsplashes and floorings are now made up of a fresh array of materials: ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, cement and hardwood are the most widely chosen materials for kitchen tiles. Ceramic tiles are in great demand mostly because they are easily available and can be cleaned without much effort. Glass walls and floorings are nothing new in hotels and offices, but more and more home-owners are readily embracing them for their elegance and charm. Porcelain tiles are extremely durable, long-lasting and resistant to scratches and blemishes.

Type of material: Price per square foot:
1. Ceramic $2 to $7
2. Porcelain $3 to $7
3. Glass $5 to $30
4. Cement $9 to $17
5. Stone $6 to $15
6. Marble $9 to $20


Some of the most popular designs for Kitchen Tiles:

• Laser-Cut Tiles: These tiles are intricately cut with laser in order to accommodate extensive designing scope. However they come with a heavy pocket-pinch one must beware of!

• Mirror Design: The tiles are assembled in a uniform manner thereby giving the appearance of a mirror.

• Diagonal design: Every ordinary tile is given a diagonal spin which enhances its appearance but also avoids the fancy price-tags.

• Large design: The tiles are larger in size than usual which gives the Kitchen a bold and chic look.
• Subway Design: This is an all-time favorite among purchasers. The tiles are arranged geometrically and the design gets its name from the use of the same design in typical subways.

• Custom Mosaic Design: Due to latest development in the Inkjet Printing Technology, custom-made mosaic designs printed on the tiles are once again in vogue.

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