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How to choose the right kind of kitchen tiles

In case you are planning to upgrade your kitchen area, then you must consider using some modern types of tiles to enhance the look of your cooking space. Apart from fixtures, color schemes, lighting, appliances, etc. the kitchen flooring is the one place which may cause accidents. Wet tiles are the reason behind many broken backs, so make sure to buy vitrified tiles which have frictional quality in them to prevent one from slipping on it and falling down. Since a lot of water work like cleaning, washing, etc. is performed in the kitchen, the risks of water spillage increases, leading to mishaps; what vitrified kitchen tiles will do is that they will prevent accidents from occurring.

Designs And Patterns

There are a plethora of designs available when it comes to kitchen tiles. Some of them are listed below:

  • Geometric shapes: gone are the days where only square and rectangular tiles used to adorn the kitchen floor. Triangles and other shapes of quadrilaterals are used to adorn the flooring to give it a quirky and visually attractive look.
  • Wall tiles: these provide with a textural difference to the walls, making the kitchen look amazing. Available in plenty of colors you can choose them to complement the color scheme of your kitchen.
  • Glass tiles: the reason for it gaining popularity is the fact that it is completely non-porous, therefore it does not allow water to seep through it making it an ideal choice for the kitchen.


Light colors are often preferred when it comes to the kitchen. However, use of tiles in pastel shades will make them appear to be dull and dirty. So buy kitchen tiles which are easy to clean so that the cleaning process does not get tedious.

Costs And Expenditure

The cost of kitchen tiles depends on the material which is used to create it. While the expensive ones are more durable and do not lose their sheen over time, the ones which are reasonably priced to a decent hob too. Buy something which fits your needs and at the same time fits your pocket as well, try to visit from one shop to another to get the best deal possible.

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