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The joys of selecting kitchen wall clocks

Kitchen wall clocks add a certain oomph to the kitchen. They aren’t there just to serve the purpose of letting the people in the kitchen know what time it is, they add to the décor of the kitchen. Most of the things that need to be timed while cooking are timed with the help of a kitchen timer, so yet again, the kitchen wall clock is more decorative than functional. But still, so of the longer periods of time needed for cooking can be measured using a wall clock, so it is best to select a design that is easy to read.

There are many types of wall clock available for placing in the kitchen. And there is absolutely no need to find a separate piece for the kitchen, which cannot be keep elsewhere in the house. But such small details can make the kitchen stand out.

Digital wall clocks

Such clocks are best suited for an ultra-modern kitchen with stainless steel tops and shelves and minimalistic décor. It may seem a bit cold for a kitchen, but with the right kind of theme, it works. And a digital clock need not be impersonal. There are many designs that leave room for personal touches, making the kitchen seem fresh and lively. 

Vintage clocks
Vintage clocks, or even vintage looking clocks, appear best when placed in a traditional or country kitchen. They reinforce the theme and some of them are just marvelously built. Many writers describe old winding clocks as ‘living beings’. Although most watches available today are either battery or solar operated, their traditional appearance is more than enough to breathe life into the kitchen.

Kitchen themed clocks
Such clocks are designed especially for a kitchen. They have some sort of kitchen related theme present on them. Some have pictures of food printed on the dial. Other have words such ‘breakfast’ printed near digits of the time one has breakfast. There are demarcations of day and night in them as well, just to specify the time of the day. Such clocks complement all types of kitchens.

Novelty clocks
These are also designed especially for the kitchen. They can have hands in the shape of kitchen cutlery and utensils in the place of digits. Some are shaped in the form of frying pans with dials in the body of the pan. They can be hung from the hand of the ‘pan’. Such clocks can be quite quirky, but they look just wonderful in a semi modern or even traditional kitchens.

You can choose a clock that you like looking at actually, even if it doesn’t go with the theme of the kitchen. It will still be a lovely addition to the décor.

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