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Choose among the best kitchen work tops

Kitchen Work Tops

The worktop is the most used surface in any kitchen. Traditionally they used to be made of wood and were very boring and conventional. Today, you can get a wide range of kitchen worktops all made possible because of the advances in technology that allow different treatment and finishes on materials used for worktops. There are many worktops available now in different textures, sizes and designs. This article will describe some very popular kitchen worktops.

Bamboo worktops

This is one of the most eco friendly worktops that you could opt for. Bamboo is very durable and the soft color is well suited for any kind of kitchen design. It is not much resistant to heat and you should always ensure that you use trivets. You can also finish it will and oil coating to protect it from water damage.

Stainless steel worktops


One of the main reasons why stainless steel is used for professional kitchen worktops is its low maintenance and hygienic properties. It is easy to clean and is great for homes with smaller children. However it scratches easily and may not be the right choice for those who like things pristine.

Hardwood worktops

These worktops look best when used for an island or breakfast bars. They are not too messy or difficult to maintain. However, you should always be careful with wine spills and clean up immediately. Hardwood also tends to get scratches easily but they can be removed by using fine wire wool.

Composite worktops

This is yet another practical as well as beautiful looking choice for kitchen worktops. It suits very well in modern and contemporary kitchen designs. It is easy to clean and just needs a wet cloth and some detergent.  It is tougher and durable than natural stone and any scratches on the surface can be easily sanded out.

Granite worktops

These are one of the most popular kitchen worktops ever used.  It is extremely low maintenance and cleans up in a jiffy. It never goes out of style and looks good in any kitchen, be it traditionally design or more modern. It is water resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

Laminate worktops

These are one of the cheapest worktops you will find anywhere. They are easy to clean and maintain and are resistant to most stains and chemicals. However, laminate is not very resistant to heat and is not suitable for cutting as it develops scratches very easily that cannot be fixed.

Glass worktops

Glass worktops look very classy and modern and reflect light making the kitchen seem brighter than usual. They are heat and acid resistant, but need to be kept dry to prevent water marks.

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