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New and exciting kitchens designs


A kitchen does not have to be routine or hackneyed when there are so many ways to make it more interesting and inviting. Such kitchen designs are available very commonly and it is not all that difficult to have a themed kitchen. And no matter what the design of the kitchen, all the modern appliances find room in it, so there is really nothing to worry about when choosing a traditional style kitchen over a modern styled kitchen.

A country kitchen

Such a kitchen is designed in such a way as to have space for cooking as well as serving food. It extremely decluttered and has a lot of open spaces. Such a kitchen generally opens out to another room in the house or even the outside. Such type of kitchens are seen in farms and open estates and hence they are called country kitchens.

A rustic kitchen

Such a kitchen has majority of wooden cabinets and décor. It does not need to be completely made out of wood, but certain elements, like the floor, can be made to look like it has been constructed from hardwood.

The décor is also traditional and such kitchens appear very charming with some plants kept in the windows or some herbs hung out for drying.

A classic kitchen

Classic kitchens are ‘classic’ for a reason; they work well with any theme that the rest of the house may have. They have the usual appliances, sinks and cabinets installed and generally have an island which doubles up as the dining area. You should not think that such a kitchen has to be boring, some personal touches and little bit of crafty décor can make such a kitchen as charming as some of the country kitchens. Such a design is convenience personified.

A modern kitchen

Such a kitchen is sleek, stylish and minimalist (Although it does not have to be minimalist, but such a décor works best for modern kitchens). Equipped with stainless steel counters and bright and contemporary lighting, such a kitchen exuded the aura of an industrial workspace.

An intermediate kitchen

If you long for the appeal of a rustic kitchen and the convenience of a modern kitchen, there is no need to be dejected. You can get the best of both worlds with an intermediate kitchen design. Such a kitchen is similar to a classic kitchen, but is much more edgy. Some of the metallic finishes of a modern kitchen can be replaced by wood and few extra potted plants can be included. And with a traditional style décor, a modern kitchen can really transform into its intermediate state.

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