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Modern bathroom vanity design ideas

Whatever be your style and taste, vanities are essential for completing your bathroom design. Choosing a modern vanity for your bathroom helps create pleasant, sophisticated vibe in your special room. The tips discussed here not only provide design inspiration for bathroom vanities but also highlight the modern vanity characteristics.


Nothing can speak more modern than concrete. Create a unique and contemporary style in your bathroom with concrete surfacing for vanity. Clean lines and geometric vessel sinks make the vanity perfect for any modern bathroom. Introduce soft natural elements like soft linens and wooden mirrors to prevent the concrete vanity getting too industrial.

Floating Design

A floating vanity design can prove to be the best way to give a modern and sleek to your bathroom. You can use a simple countertop over a wooden base with storage for a perfect vanity. Floating vanity idea requires consideration of shape and material as well as mounting method to ensure the positioning and durability of the vanity.

Unique Design

If you want to create a uniquely modern vanity, you can consider some designer ideas like a large structure with a countertop fitting and a pair of faucets and sinks. Mount them back to back on a bunch of storage spots. You can install double sided mirrors to give a more modern look to the vanity. You can even look for a long vanity which offers plenty of vanity top space and can accommodate multiple people to get ready at the same time.

Small Sized Vanities

It is not essential that big vanities make a good style statement. You can consider small vanities made of modern material like wood to create unique style. These vanities can be chosen in special shapes and structures to give a modern and smart look. The natural, warm surface of wood is more appealing than tiled flooring and walls. You can limit the accessories on the countertop to increase the functionality of a smaller vanity. Baskets and shelving help tuck essential items in the vanity.

These modern vanity ideas would help you achieve a stylish, appealing look for your bathroom. Choose any of these vanity design ideas and experience a spa like feel right in the comfort of your home bathroom.

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