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Common uses of bathroom drawers

The use of the common traditional sinks has continued to wane at a steady pace. Over the years, the number of homes that have bathroom vanities has increased significantly. As a matter of fact, there is barely anyone who is using the traditional bathroom sinks which do come with vanities. This applies to both the premade vanities and the onsite vanities which are made from the site where the bathroom is located. Bathroom drawers are often part of the bathroom vanities. Actually, there is no bathroom vanity that does not come with any drawers. They are so important that they cannot be absent from any complete set of bathroom vanities. Here are some of the uses of bathroom drawers that are quite common today.

Storage of small mirrors

Sometimes the big mirror may not be useful or may not even be present in a bathroom. In such a case, bathroom drawers are often used to keep small mirrors. Such mirrors can serve the purpose of a large mirror when the need arises. There are also cases when the big mirror happens to be broken by mistake or even removed for purposes of cleaning. During such a period of time, the small mirrors can be used to serve the same purpose that the large mirrors serve.

Storage of shaving tools

Not all people keep shaving tools in their own bedrooms. There are certain people who keep such tools in their bathrooms. In such a case, the bathroom drawers are the ones that are used for the storage of various shaving tools such as disposable blades and shaving machines. Sometimes the sharpening tools may also be kept in bathroom drawers. However, this depends on the overall capacity of the drawers. If they are large enough, they may actually store much larger shaving tools.

Storage of toiletries
Most of the bathroom drawers serve as storage facilities for toiletries. A good number of people prefer to keep all their toiletries in the bathroom. The major examples of toiletries that are often kept in this way are cosmetics and hair treatment agents.

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