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Some nice kitchens for you

Nice Kitchens 

Everyone likes to have a nice kitchen in their home. After all the kitchen is the place where all the action happens. Nowadays with homes becoming larger and larger kitchen areas also expanding to include sitting and eating areas so that the entire family gets to hang out in one place. There are many nice kitchen designs that are available on the internet. Here is a look at some of them:

Small kitchens

So what if your kitchen is small; it does not mean you can’t make it look nice. All you have to do is think of some cool tricks and ideas to make the most efficient use of the limited space and decorate it well to make it look awesome. Smaller kitchen spaces can be optimized by having more drawer spaces and having surfaces that reflect light. You should also paint your walls and cabinets in a lighter color to make the kitchen look bigger and inviting. Darker colors always tend to make a room look even smaller than it already is.

Narrow kitchens

Some homes have really narrow kitchen spaces that look like you have entered a corridor. However, even these tricky spaces can be transformed into something that if functional and yet looks stunning. With corridor styled narrow kitchen the best thing to do is to have counter tops running on both opposite walls with cabinets under and on the walls to make sure you get the maximum storage space. Again using glass or steel in the kitchen will help bounce off light better and make the space look more welcoming.

Larger kitchens

Having a larger kitchen does not necessarily means that it will look nice. It all depends on how well you utilize the space and make it look beautiful. Always study the kitchen layout carefully before you decide where your appliances, sink and cabinets would go. Also keep in mind the functionality aspect and focus on small details such as ensuring the sink is near your prep area.

Depending on how large your kitchen is you can also think of adding an island and perhaps a sitting or eating area too. However, just because you have a big space doesn’t mean you cram it up with many things or else you won’t be left with much room to move about in your kitchen.

Kitchen accessories

Accessorize and decorate your kitchen with small things such as a clock, a flower vase, herbs in small pots. Install some open shelves here and there and keep your finest china on display. Arrange cookbooks in an unused corner. Use colorful kitchen textiles or even colorful chairs in your breakfast area to spice it up.


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