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The delights of an open plan kitchen

An open plan kitchen looks really delightful in any house. It is not necessary that a small house with limited space for other rooms should have such a kitchen. Even some of the larger houses and condos have an open kitchen or open floor plan arrangement.
Such arrangements make the house appear larger and more spacious. In most cases, the kitchen is merged with the living room or the dining hall. In this way, the food can be transported easily to the serving area and the people in the living room can watch the cooking and preparation first hand. It harbors a sense of unity and closeness among the members of the family.Open Plan Kitchen - 1

 The advantages of an open kitchen plan in a large house
If a large house as an open kitchen plan, it means that the wall that were supposed to be built around the room do not exist. This leaves a lot opportunity for cross ventilation in the house. Moreover, many such houses keep the kitchen close to the yard or the garden. As a result, if the garden has vegetables grow in it, they can be conveniently harvested during the cooking time.
And as the dining area is often very close to the kitchen, one can have the dual benefit of having not only the kitchen close to the dining area, but also the entertainment unit, should the family choose to have one near the dining area. This is usually not possible in houses that have a separate kitchen.

The advantages of an open kitchen plan in a smaller house
Smaller houses can be made to look so much more spacious and airy with an open kitchen plan. Since space is a constraint in such a house, not having a well demarcated kitchen any make any room that it is attached to appear much larger. And this also looks very elegant and refined, an added advantage.
As with larger houses, an open kitchen is usually connected to the dining space. The proximity of the kitchen to the dining area is always a benefit when it comes to cooking and serving. Such a utilization of floor space seems organic and convenient at the same time.
It is not a hard and fast rule that such a kitchen has to open to the dining area. In the case of apartments or flats, a small dining table may be laid out in the vicinity of the counter itself and this space may open up to the other areas of the house.

An open kitchen plan is lovely way to make the house less cluttered and utilize space efficiently. It isn’t any wonder that such plans are used in almost all newly built homes and apartments.

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