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Basic requirements for outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen is needed for different causes and purposes. Sometimes it is needed when any occasional party is arranged in home again it is needed for lack of space in house. Besides, people build outdoor kitchen in the backyard of house under the tree for getting the natural look during cook. Outdoor kitchen is very popular in village. It is normally located behind the houses or in the backyard of the house. In outdoor kitchen it is not needed to keep all things of cook. When people use outdoor kitchen they bring essential things from house what they need. But some things is obviously needed in outdoor kitchen. Most of the restaurants use outdoor kitchen

Some functional areas of outdoor kitchen:

The functional area of outdoor kitchen is almost same as indoor kitchen as like as hot zone, dry zone, ice zone or wet zone. The uses of all zone is probably same to indoor kitchen. In hot zone grills, pizza, and different types of cook-tops are kept. In ice zone freeze, refrigerators are kept and in dry zone various storages and cabinets are kept if it is needed. If the space of outdoor kitchen is too small, cold zone and wet zone can be reduced. It is highly recommended to keep adequate spaces for every zone.

It is important to keep landing area for each thing. Suppose a grill machine and sink basin needs extra space around their two sides. Besides, space is needed among every zone.

Proper landing area of goods:

If outdoor kitchen is established temporally for the occasion it is not must to keep storage capacity or kitchen cabinet. At this moment people can bring their important things from house which they need. If the outdoor kitchen is permanent as like as some restaurants at that time some cabinets and storages are vastly needed. It ups to the space of kitchen. Various kitchen cabinets and storages are specially generated for outdoor kitchen.

Sitting capacity is more obvious than any other requirements. Comfortable sitting capacity is vital issue because discomfort sitting can make different aches to the body. Don’t keep huge space between cooking area and the sitting area. Comfortable chairs and basins are found in the market for outdoor kitchen.

After all it can be said that outdoor kitchen solution for your restaurant you can consult with a designer for your kitchen’s design.

Sitting capacity:

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