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Outdoor kitchen plans

Outdoor Kitchen Plans                   
Tips to plan an Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen may be one of the most important parts of your house; however it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be satisfied with the one inside your house. As far as trends go, it is said that outdoor kitchens and dining have become one of the favorite things to have in the house. Especially in vacation homes, where for the most part everyone wants to have a good time, outdoor dining as well as cooking is favorable for most. The idea of eating outside in front of a beautiful view maybe an appealing and beautiful idea, but to make that dream come true, planning an outdoor kitchen is a must, which unfortunately is not so easy. It should be noted that, outdoor kitchen might not be for everybody as well.

• Before you start working on planning an outdoor kitchen

Most of us get inspired to take on a household project when we see something admirable and want the same for ourselves as well. However, it is necessary to consider the layout and other necessary things before we get on the element of styling it. So, before you start an outdoor kitchen project, take note of few questions-


o Do you often cook outside? If yes then what do you cook outside – smoked meats or burgers etc?

o What do you use for grilling and what are your options – propane, charcoal, or natural gas

o How many people are there to assist in cooking outside?

o What steps will you take for kid safety? How much preparation work will you do on the outside kitchen?

o What will you use and store in the outside Kitchen – barbecue tools, dishes, outdoor oven and more

o Would you want to wash your dishes outside?

• Location for outdoor kitchen

Location is very necessary when planning an outdoor kitchen. It is good if the kitchen is close to the home so that the shelter of the house can protect the outdoor kitchen appliances from sun, rain and wind. The overhang roof or attached pergolas are good options while planning an attached outside kitchen. This is less costly you can run utility lines from the house to the kitchen.

More far flung kitchens are also a good idea, if you have the space for it. Make it so that there is less to and fro Movement from inside kitchen to the outdoor kitchen.

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