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Painted kitchens

Painted Kitchens                                    

Painted Kitchens
Home is where the heart is, and for many of us, the heart of the house is our kitchen, where many of our fondest memories take place. Kitchen being one of the most important rooms of the house should have a warm tone that speaks a little about the homeowner and his/her personality. With so many shades of paints that one can decorate the rooms, and so many varieties of colors and patterns to choose from, one is spoilt of choice of which one to choose. Fortunately, there are some specific shades that are guaranteed to suite specific rooms.
Which colors to choose?
Choosing paint colors have been a topic of frustration and petty fights for long time. Different people of the house may have different tastes, and with so many variety, it easy to have a difference in opinion. Whether it is green, blue, white, red, gray, or yellow or orange, each of this color may bring a unique element to your kitchen and create a welcoming space for the kitchen. A painted kitchen is a happy and warm kitchen. Each of these colors must first be able to complement the rest of the kitchen, only then it will be considered a good choice. Remember, even if a color of shade maybe your favorite color it may not go with the “look” of the kitchen.
Warm Colors
Warm colors like red, orange, yellow, always brighten up the kitchen. If you live in a house where the kitchen is particularly not naturally lit, or doesn’t have abundance of sunlight, you can make your kitchen more homely by bringing in some warm colors like yellow and orange. Red, is especially a versatile color, it has many shades that will really make your kitchen accessories ‘pop’.
Light colors
White painted kitchens, give a clear and pristine look to our kitchen. If you have marble counter tops, a right shade of white can give your kitchen an energetic as well as a fresh look. If you have counter-tops with warm bright colors, they would look excellent against the white backdrop.
Another light color shade that is popular among home owners is blue. It creates a crisp and clean look for kitchen. Even dark shades of blue can look invigorating and would look best with the hints of white or gray and other neutral colors to help the balance of the shades.

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