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Kitchen cabinets refacing to save money

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets might be a smart way of cutting down on the costs to buy a new cabinet and has been in the trend in the recent times. Hiring a kitchen refurbishing company to do the work for you is a good idea but they just do the same job of refacing the cabinet doors and woods which can easily be done by yourself.

You can buy materials required for floor lamination or refacing your bathroom tiles which are cheap and easily available but a veneered cabinet is not easy to make and the materials and wood required for the veneering is quite expensive. Hence it is best to hire a refinishing service company in terms of the veneering part which is quite a tricky process.

Replacing only the doors of the kitchen cabinets might seem to be an easy task which is actually not. There are many resources that provide a lot of information and tips and tricks to refinish your kitchen cabinets yourself and guides on the step by step process and the supplies needed for refinishing your cabinets.

How to refinish your kitchen cabinets on your own

In order to refinish your kitchen storage cabinets, you must start with replacing the doors and front panels of the cupboards. You can place orders for new doors and pulls and front panels of drawers from any online supplier. You can buy the doors and cabinet fronts according to the size of your cabinet and choose the preferred design and type of wood for the cabinet doors. As there are huge varieties of stuffs available online it is suggested to shop from any of the well-known online stores.

Take everything out from your cabinets like the crockery and plates, the shelves or whatever you have in your cabinets. Then detach the doors, handles and drawer fronts from the cabinets. Clear away the stuffs removed from the cabinets or retain them if you need them later.

The next step is to use a sandpaper to rub down the surfaces of the cabinet that will be veneered later. Next comes the cleaning part where a tack cloth can be used to clean the surfaces of the cabinets and then wiping the boxes of the cabinets clean. Veneer the cabinet boxes and it is done. Later the refinished doors and fronts of the cabinets can be installed back on the kitchen cabinet.

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