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Make your kitchen cabinet new looking by refinishing

Kitchen cabinets are one that can make or break the look of overall kitchen. Thus, people are always very concerned about the look and color of their cabinets and they just replace it as they found uninteresting and worn out. If you also feel that your kitchen cabinet has become outdated and distressed, then don’t replace it. Just go for refinishing, which gives a new look to your cabinet and also saves money. So, let’s see how you can give a change to your cabinets by refinishing.


Thorough cleaning is the first option in refinishing cabinets. For cleaning, all things from cabinets should be removed. You also need to detach all hardware like hinges, dividers if any, knobs, handles, etc. Then you can clean all your cabinets thoroughly with high quality cleaning solution, so that it doesn’t spoil your cabinets. Try to remove, dust, grease and dirt with dab cloth. All hardware should also be placed in cleaning solution to remove grease and dirt from it using little scrubbing. After drying, you can polish hardware to give a new shiny look. Lot of different style of compatible hardware are available in the market, so you can also replace with new style of hardware.


If you still found your kitchen cabinets unappealing to you, then you can go refinishing or painting. You can give finishing to your cabinets just by single coating to give your cabinet same luster and shine as new. But if you still want to make better, then you can change little tone of color, which costs you less than complete change of cabinets color. Color change is also the good option to give a fresh look to your kitchen. You can go for oil or latex paint, but oil is better than all in terms of finishing and durability.

Professional or DIY:

There are two ways to complete refinishing work. You can do it yourself or can hire professional. If you want to carry out all work with great precision, then it is better to call a professional. They are trained and experienced personnel, so there is surety of giving quality work. But if you have tight budget, then you can do it yourself by taking guide from internet. Cleaning, selecting color and again arranging is time taking, but it’s not that difficult that you can’t carry on your own.

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