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Practical ideas to remodel your bathroom

When you look around your bathroom, innovative redesigning concepts can spring to mind. It is not necessary to go all out with regards to remodel this intimate space. There are several ideas that you can employ to give this area a brand new look that will enable you love this space even more. Here is a list of 3 mind blowing ideas that can improve the comfort and appearance of this space.

Standing sink option

A standing sink is ideal if you do not have much space for mobility. This type of sink only requires a little space and offers a large cabinet or vanity under it that takes up space. You can choose from different styles and colors, including black, white and other novelty colors. These facilities are obtainable in oval, round, square and in even column shapes that can go in hand with the rest of the bathroom decor. Another advantage of using this type of sink is that you can set up a vanity or mirror above the sink, and you can do all the bathroom remodeling without tearing out plumbing, ripping up walls or making further significant improvements to open space.

Glass shower doors

In order to provide your bathroom a magnificent look, you can think about adding glass shower doors. This type of door can give you that spa-like look you need. Just have your tub or shower measured by a professional and select a glass door that fit your interest. There are several options to choose from. This includes patterned, frosted, transparent or beveled glass to place around the perimeter of your shower or tub. Once you have placed the doors, you can easily see how expensive and bigger this bathroom redesign makes your space look.

Granite flooring and countertops

Possibly, the ideal bathroom redesign you can employ is replacing your countertops and floors with decent and strong materials. Granite could be a better proposition for this work. This material is famous for its durability. Here you have two options, first is to sand and polish it to get a shiny look or leave it rugged or unpolished. Both options will provide you a classy look.

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