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Distinctive kitchen remodeling ideas

Distinctive kitchen remodeling ideas

When considering how to remodel your kitchen, you should not only to think about what type of cabinets you want or what type of countertop to match them. Think of themes, and then choose your kitchen essentials with a particular theme in mind. What era would you like to accentuate in your kitchen? What feeling do you want to evoke? Before you raise the first hammer, you should be able to describe in a few words, the theme of your kitchen will have. Make sure that the framework for the project is properly drawn.

The functionality look

We tend to think of home kitchens as warm, homey places, but the kitchen is also the place in your home where chemistry, physics and product testing of all sorts go on all the time. If you are a serious cook with major kitchen appliances and equipment, why shouldn’t you be serious about your design? A kitchen that is completely remodeled around cooking functionality creates its own décor and should be unapologetically utilitarian. Below are some remodeling ideas in this type of kitchen:
• Replace ornate wooden cabinets with plain white laminate or stainless steel.
• Install corrugated metal built-in bookshelves for cookbooks.
• Save the framed photos and convert the bulletin board sections to contain recipes and notes.
• Install Stainless steel countertops and industrial-gray laminate floor tiles to give it a complete look of a cook.
• The wall wallpaper border should have vegetables on it.

Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling ideas – The ’50s Chic Kitchen style

The appearance of a 1950s kitchen – white bead-board cabinets, gray and white checkered linoleum floors, rounded porcelain fridge – is almost a cliché today. It is so tweak that it creates a familiar old look using modern materials and styles. Hold the white bead-board on the walls and cabinets, but trim it with stainless steel. Keep the old-fashioned curved style of the refrigerator, but get it in candy red. For the floor, stay with the checker tiles, but put them in glossy ceramic instead of plain linoleum. For the sink, use a gray-mottled Smoked Glass to suggest the gray-spotted Formica tops that were once popular.

Remodeling ideas – The Library kitchen style

Give your kitchen the staid, studious look of a formal library. Start with dark wood cabinets with ribbed trim on the sides and the large crown molding at the top. Make one of the cabinets to hold a bookshelf with a framed glass door and display cookbooks. Put the ceiling molding in the same crown. Cover the wall space with 2-by-2 elevated square dark wood panels. Cover the floor and countertop with heavy grain, polished gray marble, with the edges framed in the same dark wood. (All the wood in the room will be sealed in high gloss polyurethane for moisture and dirt resistance.) A wall lamp figure designed to look like a green glass lamp library completes the theme.

Remodeling Ideas

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