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Giving an aesthetic feel to kitchen by using rustic cabinets

Ever seen those beautiful and elegant kitchens with an old world charm in them? Giving the same countryside look to your kitchen can be easy if you choose cabinets that look rustic. Cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen and they can give the look you want for it. If you feel old is beautiful, pick a rustic theme for your kitchen and you can transform it into a new classic and stylish place.

Cabinets can be chosen in such a way that they give a rustic flair. Cabinets do not only store the kitchen utilities but also define the look of the kitchen. For those who like the retro look can use the following tips to buy the right type of cabinets that will look rustic:


Always choose bright shades for cabinets like brown, red, green or yellow.


Use of wood to is a must. One can choose from Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Red Oak or Maple to make cabinets.

Wrought iron

Use of wrought iron will finish the look of cabinets. Copper color handles go well with bright shades.

Provision of natural/artificial source of light

You would not want your kitchen to become dull and suffocating. Dark wood will darken a dimly-lit, small space. There should be proper light in the kitchen.


Polishing the wood occasionally will maintain the color and beauty of cabinets.

Choosing rustic kitchen cabinets will give an aesthetic feel to the kitchen as they look cozy and stylish. One needs to be extra careful for the maintenance of these cabinets as they can get scratches which look really bad. They must be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration. Use of well-polished, heat resistant wood will prolong the life of cabinets. Extra care should be taken to prevent hot liquids from falling on their surface to avoid cracking of surface. We all love the look of those vintage kitchens in castles and big villas. By adding our own personal touch we can get a perfect blend of rustic and modern.

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