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Use shaker style for a retro look

The shaker kitchen is very popular in the religious group called Shaker. A Shaker kitchen style developed a simplistic and authentic design for the kitchen functionality. This style kitchen is understatedly stylish and subtle. This shaker style melds principles with a stylish look. It is a very famous type for its quality, innovative looks, functionality and simplicity. Even today, this style is used in the kitchens that are ideally perfect for small spaces to large spaces. This shaker style is the best choice for the lavish kitchens. A creative and abundant use of functional adoptions, wood along with high gloss finish can help to get an elegant result. A shaker kitchen is the best way to go when it comes to flexibility and variety.

Perfect fitting:

Shaker kitchen style furniture’s uses simplistic designs and lines of the units. Most furniture is freestanding and also placed at any desired place. It also incorporates the changes possibility and aims to utilize most of the spaces for maximum functionality. Shaker kitchen was organized clutter free and functional. Modern appliances and modern times, straight and square edges will work well with the shakers. You can create a pleasing and sensible kitchen experience with this shaker style.


Color schemes:

Be soft and bold while choosing colors for your kitchen. The color subtracts or adds the core details of the shaker design, quality and functionality. It ranges from bright red to bare brick and work equally well. Hence, let the ideas run with the color scheme. Don’t ruin the walls with the curly extravagant patterns. Cream colored scheme is the perfect one for a retro look.

Lighting and accessories:

No kitchen will survive without some lighting. With shaker white and cream kitchens, this lighting is used to offer a warm and light effect. Floor stand lamp color from a retro area is good for the typical retro look. In Shades like blue, green, yellow, pop orange are nice colors for a lampshade. Various accessories such as large funky magnets, wooden frame pictures and lace curtains can add extra beauty to the shaker kitchens. Ensure that lighting and accessories color theme that matches with your kitchen.

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