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Shower room – all about water

A shower room is typically defines as a small room with a shower in it.

There is simply nothing quite as refreshing and energizing as a good shower, whether you are getting up in the morning, looking for some relaxation in the evening, looking for something refreshing after gym or you want to sit and relax. Keeping in mind all these things a shower room needs to be something extraordinary, something out of the world. Below mentioned are few of the shower room ideas.

Small shower room:

If you have a limited space to work with then you must consider a shower room over a bathroom. Remove the bath to make more space. It will make your bathroom look bigger. Another thing you can do is to transform it into a wet room to get the most of it. Every bathroom can be transformed into a shower room regardless of the space.

Limestone shower room:

It creates a unique look by combining limestone wall tiles with matching floor. A luxurious touch can be added by cladding units in the same stone. Tiling the walls and using a heighted shower (floor to ceiling) adds a feel of some extra space.

Light-filled shower room:

You can add little things like brightening up your shower room all the way from ceiling to floor. It will add some more beauty and glamour. It will also give a luxurious look.

Black gloss shower room:

This shower room will surely add some glamour. Large scale black tiles are used in this room. It stands out best with a transparent basin.

Brown gloss shower room:

This room is fully tiled and it also acts as a wet room. It makes a perfect combination with brown tiles. It looks glamorous and refreshing.

Rustic shower room:

As the name suggest rough textured limestone is used which gives it a simple look. It also provides enough space for useful storage.

Compact shower room:

In a compact room sense of huge space is developed by using neutral tiles and sanitary ware. A roman blind adds some charm and beauty.

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