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Decorating a small bathroom with effective design tips

If you are one of those who have the misfortune of a small bathroom, you must be aware of the hassle involved in dealing with it. Small bathrooms can be extremely difficult to clean and organize most of the times. However, they can be cleaned faster, kept stylish and organized if you use effective design tips.

A small bathroom has a lot of challenges associated with designing like ensuring enough space for shower, appropriate toilet and sink, hanging space and lot more. The following design ideas can help you get more space and improve the appearance of your small bathroom to make it look better and prove useful.

Installing a Corner Sink

Based upon the floor plan of your bathroom and the available space, a corner sink can make a great difference when it comes to space utilization and good look. Corner sinks are designed to ensure enhanced floor space which makes things look better despite the limited bathroom size. Moreover, corner sinks save space while opening or closing the shower door, making the bathroom feel bigger than it is.

Using a Rounded Vanity

Making use of rounded corners vanity lets you avoid the pains associated with bumping onto it when the bathroom space is limited. This kind of vanity will work really well when working with small bathroom. You can save yourself from the sharp edges when you have a compact bathroom. Rounded vanity also adds to the style and look of the bathroom.

Using Shower Curtain

A sliding colorful shower curtain is a great option to the glass door which can’t be easily bypassed. A curtain makes sure you are able to move freely back and forth while saving space. Smaller shower tubs take up less space, allowing you to handle quite lengthy things when space is considered. This is an amazing way to utilize your small space in an efficient way.

Extending the Counter

To add some space and comfort, it is advisable to extend the counter around the toilet area. You can use stone or wood to make such an arrangement as it creates an extra space that can store small items. It creates a minimalistic yet clean look, making it easier keeping the space clean.

The way you utilize the space is most important in small bathrooms. Using a good blend of flexibility and style can let you enjoy the small space, achieving a balance between comfort, utility and size.

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