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Design ideas for smaller bathrooms

Older houses generally come with smaller bathrooms. 30 years back, the size of the washroom was never more than 5×8 soft… But now the washroom has become more of a place where you get to spend time on yourself, introspect, relax and refresh. The average size has also gone up in the recent years. Though these are small, they can still be designed smartly to look bigger and attractive. We are so used to believing what we see, hence a smart arrangement of mirrors can create an optical illusion to trick you into believing that the room is bigger. Let us take a look at a few tricks which can be used to achieve this end:

Smart mirror placement

A mirror can virtually double the size of room. A long mirror placed along the wall will make replicate everything and make the room look twice as big. A wise arrangement of lighting and design patterns may help finish this illusion and give the room a symmetric look.
Also mirrors which do not follow the conventional rectangular shape help in making the room look bigger. The design of the splash tiling can be crafted to match the shape of these unconventional mirror shapes and this can help us in achieving a visually appealing effect.

Vertical space utilization

You might not be able to move around much in a small room but the height of this room is almost the same as a big one. Using racks crammed one on top of the other can be useful in storing toiletries and towels and can help in making the room more spacious. Vertical cabinets extending all the way up to the ceiling can also be used to serve this purpose.

Lighting effects

The lighting, when used smartly can also be used create an illusion of a bigger room. Focusing the light on the more richly designed elements on the room restricts the area of focus of the vision and hence creates an illusion of a bigger room.
Also, a symmetric arrangement of these elements along the mirror can create a beautiful effect.

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