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Retro kitchen

If you are a retro at heart who still loves Marlyn Monroe, then you definitely need to set your kitchen up in a retro manner. You might want to get the opinion of an expert architect or an interior designer to have a more defined understanding of the settings of your kitchen. However, do let them know that you are looking for a retro theme so that the architect also has a better idea of what you want.

If your ideal kitchen is a retro kitchen, then nothing should stop you from getting it. Doubtlessly, there will be millions of retro designs to choose from and hence, a billion questions will rise in your head. You ought to look towards the expert for all the answers. A trained and experienced architect or engineer will be able to answer your questions to the T.

Also, while you are doing retro, do not forget that you are indeed living in the 21st century. Thus, do not forget to create a blend of the two. You might want to play a bit with colours in order to come up with a perfect design for your kitchen. Another brilliant idea would be to use retro styled cabinets combined with modern day wall paint or tiles. Or you could reverse the situation and use retro walls with modern day cabinets. This would depend on how much blaze you want in your kitchen.


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One of the best ways to give your kitchen a retro look is to have the walls tiled in retro style. Another way of doing it would be combining colours and patterns. The final result is beautiful if you use the right kind of combination.

Often while decorating the kitchen, one forgets about the lights. It is necessary to use the light correctly as well. The lights should not only match with the decor but also ensure that the kitchen is bright enough and spread out evenly. For, if one is going to cook in the kitchen, it is extremely necessary that he or she be able to see clearly as well.

If nothing satisfies you, you could create your own retro kitchen with the help of the architect. Sit him or her down, talk it out with them and then see what they come up with. Let them know what is on your mind and what kind of retro look you are hoping for. With their help, you will soon be able to come up with a brilliant retro kitchen design.

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