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Creating space in smaller bathrooms

Bathroom gets the smallest space in a house because people spend most of their times in the rooms or the kitchen. However, spending even a few minutes in a small and cluttered bathroom can be discomforting because they have a moist environment and lack proper ventilation most of the times. There are ideas that we can implement to enjoy a feel of having a decent space to the bathroom.


Lighting and colours
Instead of using traditional bulbs, we can choose hanging white lights or modern recessed fixtures placed centrally to lighten the entire space. Having light and warm colour paints like white, soft pink, light yellow on the wall or tiles also reflect the lights well and gives a spacious feel. If you wish to have wallpapers, the one with smaller patterns should be used.

Using corner and vertical space

Most of the time corner and vertical spaces go unutilised. For a small bathroom, this space can be used to place the sinks or storage cabinets. Bathroom cabinets are easily available in all prices. We can pick the one that suits the space in the bathroom. Instead of having storage for towels and linings, we can install rods on the walls. Big size cabinets are not suited for small spaces as they will make the small bathroom look even smaller and darker.


For smaller bathrooms, having a bathtub can be a bad idea. It consumes a lot of space and the vertical space above it is useless. We can replace it with a standing shower enclosure. Pedestal sinks can be installed to free more usable space. Getting a small round-shaped toilet seat is better than the elongated ones.

Other methods

Placing mirrors in the right spots will help reflect the light which gives an illusion of a large space. Keep the bathroom free from unused and unwanted things to avoid clutter. Visit model homes, read megazines and books on bathroom interiors, check the internet and bath stores for small fixtures and shelves.

With a little planning, customization and smart tricks, you can have a well-maintained, spacious and comfortable bathroom.

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