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Technology in small kitchen appliances

The technological revolution has led to the development of all kinds of devices that make our lives easier. Overall, the most attractive are those advances in the field of leisure, especially at home. However, that technological development is not only paramount in this area in homes, but it is also very present in the kitchen. Thus, we can find ovens, refrigerators and glass ceramics with very advanced features in today’s kitchens.
Inside the kitchen, the importance of technological development is more noticeable in small kitchen appliances. These small kitchen appliances include blenders, juicers, cutters, fryers and more others. In this article, we will closely look at those essential small kitchen appliances that have got the best technology.

Electric juicers and toasters

Gone are the days when you would manually prepare your breakfast. The creation of electric juicers like the Moulinex ‘Direct Service’ is the best technology ever used in small kitchen appliances. This technology has made what was once a manual task into a tap of direct service. On the other hand, the Braun ‘MultiToast’ electric toaster not only gives you the opportunity to warm toast, but you will also be able to thaw using it it. This is one of the best features of technologies in small kitchen appliances.

Food canners and graters

Have you ever though of the possibility carrying your food ready or raw without need for refrigeration? Yes that is possible with vacuum packer called ‘Alfa Split Kit”, one of the best small kitchen appliances for the conservation of food. It is a professional companion that you must definitely own. Well, that is not just enough because there are other small kitchen appliances like graters and food cutters. If you have been looking for cutters with the best precision, it undoubtedly must be ‘Fresh Express’ Moulinex.

The mixers

The mixer is one of the most used of those small kitchen cooking appliances. One of the latest designs, ‘UFESA Vario Confort Mixer’, has a cable that will not restrict the movement nor get entangled. If you want to have the most complete mixer, you can opt for a combination of mixer and grinder in one, as seen in the ‘Multiquick System’.

Portable induction coffee espressos

Can you imagine being able to take your induction cook top anywhere to cook or enjoy the best coffee when traveling? The technology in small kitchen appliances has made that possible. The first is the Fagor Portable Induction Cook Top and the Miele ‘CM 5100’ coffee machine.

Small kitchen appliances for healthy recipes

Healthy food is central in today’s society. For making healthier recipes, technology has evolved from more traditional appliances such as fryers and steamers to versions such as Tefal, ‘Actifry’ which allows one tablespoon frying oil. There is also Tefal ‘Vitacuisine’, a small kitchen appliance that makes steam cooking more likely.

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