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Safe usage of the kitchen utensils

The kitchen is a part of the home where cooking and cooking-related issues are taken care of. The kitchen is however a very risky part of the house and over 70 per cent of house fires have started from the kitchen. This is because a lot of fire usage is involved in the kitchen as well as electricity. Therefore if activities in the kitchen are not properly regulated, it could lead to the house getting burnt. Furthermore, a very large percentage of household accidents also happen in the kitchen with the use of kitchen utensils.


A lot of utensils are used in the kitchen including:

Knife: A knife is used to cut foodstuffs such as onions, vegetables and fruits as well as other stuffs like rope in the kitchen. It is a dangerous kitchen utensils and could lead to cuts if not properly used or kept.

Pots: Pots are used to cook food. There are different types of pots based on usage including the normal pot for cooking and frying pans for frying amongst others. Furthermore, the pots come in different sizes which could be used depending on the quantity of food you want to cook with it.

Cooker: There are different items that could be used to cook in the kitchen. These include but not limited to gas cookers, electric plates and stoves amongst others. They require careful usage to prevent fire outbreak.



Plates, Spoons, Forks and Table Knife: These are used for serving food and eating.

Blender/Mortar: This can be used for pounding tomatoes and peppers amongst others.

Microwave: This is used to warm food.

Refrigerator: This is used to preserve foodstuffs.

Most utensils in the kitchen require regular cleaning while some others might just require cleaning once or a week or after usage. Ensure to clean all utensils accordingly.

Many kitchen utensils are dangerous and could lead to household accidents if not properly used, it is therefore important to carefully use kitchen utensils and keep them well arranged after usage.

The kitchen too should be kept neat to avoid germs. Furthermore, all kitchen utensils should also be kept clean and dry after use in order to avoid rust.

Always ensure that sharp kitchen objects are well kept and especially out of the reach of children to avoid minor and major cuts.

Restrict children below 9 years from using dangerous kitchen utensils.

Always check to make sure that fire is properly put out after cooking to avoid fire outbreak.

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