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Attain the perfect retro look for your bathroom with subway tiles

With so many options to choose from, picking out tiles for your bathroom can be a tricky business. There are hundreds and thousands of styles available in the market, from floral patterns, to geometric and abstract shapes, the choices are endless. But classic designs that are evergreen and which stand the test of time are the ones which are simple and minimalistic. Subway tiles can give a brand new look to your bathroom. Their unique shape and symmetric designs will make your bathroom design stand out from the rest. Subway tiles will definitely make your guests curious and are sure to start some interesting conversations.

The rich history of subway tiles

Even after hundred years since their introduction, subway tiles have successfully managed to maintain their popularity. Today subway tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and pattern and continue to gift any bathroom with elegance

No one could have ever thought that the small tiles in the New York City Subway Station would become so popular and become a fashion statement. All thanks to the architects Christopher Grant Lafarge and George C. Heinz who did an excellent job in creating the station. These tile where the product of their creative thinking and imagination.

The Rising popularity of subway tiles

You can find subway tiles in every imaginable place (hotels, homes and restaurants). Apart from bathrooms subway tiles can be utilized in kitchens to give them a fresh new look. Apart from being stylish, subway tiles are very east to maintain and are very durable. Their popularity seems to be rising every day.

A wide variety to choose from

Subway tiles come in a variety of different styles and colors. Although classic tiles with monochrome bright colors seem to be the most popular, many designers are experimenting with new and unorthodox styles and patterns. Many new and exciting designs are introduced by manufacturers on a regular basis. Some stores even offer textured tiles made from alternative materials which can make your bathroom look very unique. With so many choices and styles, you can never go wrong with subway tiles.

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