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Types of bathroom floor tiles

Bathroom tiles can be found in many different types and materials. The decision on the suitable tiles for your bathroom can be made by assessing the distinct features of each type of tile. The popular types of bathroom tiles are porcelain, vinyl and ceramic tiles. However, there are other types available today though not as popular as the aforementioned ones. Below is a guide that will come in handy when deciding on which floor tile to invest in.


This type of floor tiles happens to be the most popular of them all. The vinyl material is very affordable and perhaps the reason behind its popularity. It is a perfect suite for both the powder room and the master bath. In comfort, lasting and safety, vinyl tiles are the best; thumbs up. These tiles are easy to install and have for long been credited for their glamorous aesthetic appeal. Vinyl tiles are self-adhering and that makes them easy to cut using a utility knife.


Whether your tastes and preference lie in the wood and lookalikes of stones or in shouting colors, porcelain tiles look much better. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have a high score when it comes to maintenance. Although, compared to vinyl tiles, porcelain and ceramic tiles are not very comfortable, that can be changed by the installation of radiant floor heat. However, a hard surfaced floor may be hard to deal with. When it comes to installation of porcelain and ceramic tiles, it is not that easy as opposed to vinyl tiles. Ceramics resistance to wear can be fostered by protecting it with a glaze of high grade.


Stone tiles are increasingly becoming popular in other rooms as opposed to the time when they used to be confined only to the foyer. Tiles made from slate, marble and granite can also be used in the bathrooms. Limestone is also used in making of other stone tiles. It is common to find stone tiles in different colors that include gold, blue, green and red. They are also available in different textures such as the flamed, sandblasted, cleft and etched variations. However, they are higher in value compared to the other types.

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