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The best bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles come in attractive designs and patterns. One can give a new look to bathroom by selecting the most appropriate tiles for it. Tiles give a modern and attractive look to the bathroom.

Types of bathroom tiles

 Bathroom wall tiles
 Bathroom floor tiles

Top styles in bathroom tiles:

Ceramic tile: They are very easy to install and maintain. Ceramic tiles are strong and have high water resistance. They are easy to clean and maintain. It is very versatile and can be used anywhere on bathroom walls, vanity tops, bathroom floors etc.

Porcelain tile:

Porcelain tile are strong and durable. It has no slip grip and suitable for bathrooms. Porcelain wall tile, porcelain floor tile, glazed, through bodied, porcelain accents borders and trims are the different types of porcelain tiles.

Natural stone tile:

Stone tile gives a natural pattern and beauty to the bathroom. It is more durable than any other tiles. Travertine tile, slate tile and marble tile are the different types of stone tiles. They are very unique and eco-friendly. Stone tiles are very cost effective and can be used for a longer duration. It keeps the home cool.

Glass tile:

Glass reflects light and adds color to the bathroom. Again they are water resistance too. They are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. However it is expensive and fragile.

Mosaic Tile:

Mosaic tile are like a piece of art. They are very trendy and attractive. They are value for money. They are available in different styles and design. Mosaic tiles can give an innovative look to the bathroom.

Wood look tile:

It is long lasting and does not change it color. They can be used to keep stove, microwave etc. They are very easy to maintain.


1. Check all types of tiles available. Consider the features of each tile type.
2. Bathroom is a wet area and hence tiles should be selected on the basis of water resistance. It is very important that the tiles have a good water resistance.
3. You can be innovative in selecting the tile for your bathroom and give the look of your choice to it.
4. To select the best tiles for your bathroom you need to invest time, energy and money.
5. Ensure that the floor tile is not slippery

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