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Available choices for a walk-in-bathtub

When choosing and installing a bathtub in the bathroom, there are several options and features that you may need to consider. Sometimes, it is not an easy job to choose a quality walk-in-bathtub from a showroom or shop. In fact, you have to consider several options that could potentially help you choose a convenient item that can deliver a practical way for disabled people to keep themselves clean. Listed below are some non-basic recommended items that you can get from a local shop or showroom.


One of the interesting features of a walk-in-bathtub is its simplicity to let disabled people to stroll right into the tub without needing to escalate over the side. The tub is designed in such a way that the door will automatically lock and board, once the water starts flowing, enabling you to fill the bathtub without needing to bother about water spilling on the floor of the bathroom. Walk-in-bathtub doors can be set up in numerous ways, just to ensure it is pretty easy to enter and exit the tub area when the door is open. Another option, a person can opt for is an optional cab seat

Cab seat

Another thing you can choose is the optional cab seat that comes with the walk-in-bathtub. Oftentimes, you may come across designs with built-in cab seat with a seamless design. Such designs not only provide the user the seating comfort, but also prevents them from having to sit down on the floor to take a bath. If a cab seat is not your option, then make sure you have enough space to put a portable seat in the pool area.

Jacuzzi jets

Finally, you must consider a couple of optional items in the first place. Optional items include an optional shower that can be self-supporting to be connected to the side of the shower or bathtub or can be attached to the side of the tub. It is also advisable to have Jacuzzi jets to make the bathing experience enjoyable with therapeutic effects. You can visit a local bathtub showroom or an online store to check out more options that are available for walk-in-bathtubs.

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