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Give a twist to your bathroom by adding 36 inch vanity furniture.

Bathroom vanity is first and most used part of a bathroom. Also the design, color, material, size, etc of bathroom vanity have great influence on the look of bathroom. If you have wide space in your bathroom, then 36 inch vanity is the perfect choice for your bathroom. But along with size, you should also see that whether the selected vanity complements with structure and other décor of your bathroom. Let’s see, what all things you should see while choosing 36 inch vanity for your bathroom.


It is important that material used for making vanity should be water resistant and of high quality so that it resists water and humidity and can also bear weight of countertops. Vanity comes in variety of materials like solid wood, plywood, MDF, etc. Solid wood is best option, but is expensive than others. Solid wood vanity looks much classy than others. Thus, if price is not constraint, then you can go for it. Other cheaper options are plywood and MDF. Plywood is stronger than MDF and if it is maintained properly, then it can last for long time like solid wood. MDF is much cheaper option with same wood like look. But have risk of holding moisture and thus less durable. You can go for plywood or MDF, if you have tight budget.


Vanity comes in very limited colors like brown, black or white. In this color category, you can get different shades of brown color like tan brown, chocolate brown, light brown, etc. Along with color of vanity, you should also select countertop’s color, so that it complements with each other. Color of vanity should also go well with flooring.


You can find number of designs from traditional to modern. While selecting design, you need to decide your storage requirements, door cabinet or rolling drawer, material and look of hardware (hinges, handles or knobs), number of drawers and their arrangement, etc. If you are going for 36 inch vanity with sink and countertop, then you also need to decide shape, position, and depth of sink. Everything should match with bathroom’s structure and other elements of bathroom. Thus get best 36 inch vanity and give beautiful change to your bathroom.

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