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Feel happy with bathroom showers

Imagine you come back home in the evening having a tiring day. What is the need of the hour? Surely, taking bath is definitely something that everyone looks forward to. Soaking into hot/cold water is such a pleasure that it takes away all the tiredness from the body in nick of time.

What is Bathroom Shower?

Shower is a place in your bathroom that sprays hot/cold water. You can stand underneath it and get soaked in water spray. It gives you a designated space in your bathroom to take bath. At the same time, showers use less water than one use in a regular bath. You can use Shower either in a shower stall or use it with the bath tub.

Concept of bathroom showers dates back to the days when waterfalls were used as a natural place to take bath.

Types of Bathroom Shower:

A Bathroom shower comes with various types of nozzles. The nozzles are usually adjustable that can be used to spray water in different patterns like strong spray, gentle etc. Different nozzles are also to be used based on water quality. Water with hard contents like Calcium and Magnesium at times can block the nozzle head and hence requires the nozzle size to be changed.

Advantage of Bathroom Shower:

1. It provides a designated bathing place in your bathroom.
2. It is proven that using showers is much more effective way of rinsing the body as the water is used with a pressure nozzle.
3. Taking bath using shower utilizes less water. Average bath takes 150 liters of water but using shower can reduce it to 80 liters.
4. Using different nozzles allows you to take bath as per different need.

Keeping Showers clean:

With the kind of water quality now a days, it is unavoidable to keep the shower clean. If the water supplied is hard, it ends up depositing a lot of contents on the nozzle. Vinegar, commonly found in every house is very effective in keeping shower nozzles clean. Just immerse the nozzle in solution made of water and vinegar and it dissolves the hard substance.


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