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Bathroom designs – maximizing space in smaller bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is used often and for essential day to day tasks and as such an attractive well designed, spacious and stylish bathroom makes a house look and feel infinitely better. However, not everybody has the luxury of having a big bathroom to use and thus design. Lots of people have to work with smaller less spacious bathrooms. Let’s look at some design tips for bathrooms that utilize smaller spaces.

Subway Tiles

Using subway tiles in small bathrooms is ideal to give a space enhancing crisp and classic look according to They look even better with grey grout. Such tiles are ideal for smaller bathrooms where less space is available

Keep the Bathroom to the basics

Keeping a smaller bathroom to the basics and having it unadorned is a good way of maximizing space available in the bathroom. Make sure you only include what you absolutely need in smaller bathrooms. This is a good design rule.

Use the Appropriate Sink

Choosing the appropriate sink, baths or showers and toilet is of utmost importance when working with a small space. Sinks like cloakroom sinks are designed for bathrooms with smaller spaces. Using such a sink will help you maximize the space available in your bathroom.


Use Mirrors to create an illusion of space

Mirrors can be used in a number of different rooms and they can be included on the bathroom walls to create an illusion of space. This is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Including mirrors on most of the walls creates a dynamic sense of repeated space. Bear this in mind.

Use a shower instead of a bath

Using a shower instead of a bath is another effective way of maximizing the space available in smaller bathrooms. These showers take up much less space than baths do and if you are really cramped for space you can include a sliding door as opposed to one that swings open. This sliding door takes up less space when it is opened than doors that swing open.

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