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The shower room and ideas for design

The shower room is an essential for most houses. These days more and more people are using showers than baths as they are easy to use and maintain. Indeed, there is not much like a good refreshing shower in the morning or after a hectic day of work in the evening. This means that this room must get special attention when it comes to its design – whether you have a small shower room or a big shower room.

The wall tiles

To begin, even if you don’t have a big shower room you can make sure it looks the part. Grey slate wall tiles give the shower room a sophisticated look which looks bigger with such tiles – this is ideal for those more confined shower rooms.


Furthermore, LED lights are great for setting a specific mood of the day. These lights can create a soft mood if they are blue and can be programmed to suit your specific mood in your day. They can be put on the celling or used to accentuate features in the shower room like the wall tiles or basin. They can be used quite successfully in shower room design.


The Outside

In addition to this having a shower outside is a luxury in most people’s books, and as such their homes or locations might only for various logistical reasons allow them to shower inside. For this reason various dual aspect windows are ideal to be included in the design of your shower room. They give the feeling of being outside whilst showering inside. Just make sure it is out of sight or one way glass can be used if your neighbors will have sight into your shower room. The inclusion of dual aspect windows in one way glass are ideal for apartments where showers are smaller than in houses and where one has a good view out of such windows. They create a beautiful view and add to the perceived size of your shower room.

The Floor

Lastly, the floor tiles of any shower room are an important aspect of design. Make sure these are stylish – grey, white or black, whatever color suits the rest of your bathroom. They must be matched with your wall and ceiling.

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