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How to tile a bathroom floor?

It is great that you have chosen tiles for your bathroom floor but who is going to install them? Even if you learn how to tile a bathroom floor, it is still going to be a task that will be out of your league. If something goes wrong while tiling, this is going to create a disastrous situation for you in the end because you won’t be able to use your bathroom in the way that’s convenient. However, there are some tips which you can go through to understand how it’s done:


• The tiles that you choose must fit the décor well. These tiles are meant for bathroom use so make sure they are the ones that could be used for the wet areas.
• While tiling, there shouldn’t be any signs of water. Turn the water valve off and empty the toilet flush because things would get messy if there are any signs of water.
• You will have remove the nuts around the toilet because tiling is supposed to be done beneath the toilet base too.
• Tiling is always initiated from the central point of the bathroom and the same rule applies for the flooring of any room.
• Here is one important tip on how to tile a bathroom floor… when you are mixing the adhesive, don’t mix too much because it tends to dry quickly.
• Add the layer of the tile adhesive, and lay the tile on and press it down lightly.
• It is recommended to use the vinyl space in between the floor tiles.
• You have to frequently check if the tiles are laid evenly. Uneven tiles don’t just look bad, they can also result in water pooling.
• When you will reach the edges, you will see that you cannot fit a whole square tile there. What you need to do is cut the tile according to the size and then fix it. Cutting can be done with a tile cutter.
If you think that this work is too much for you, then it is better that you call a professional who knows how to tile a bathroom floor. He would do the job perfectly.

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