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P shaped bath suites for contemporary style bathroom

There are lots of options when it comes to style and design of the bathroom. If you are up for some remodeling or you are planning to design your bathroom, one popular option you will come across is the P shaped bath. This type of bath design basically includes a P shaped tub. These types of baths are usually found in the contemporary spaces where there is a rounded toilet and basin but the space is low.

The P shaped bath suite is available in 2 lengths; first is 1700 mm full length and the other one is the 1500mm length which is perfect for small bathrooms. These showers can be the best choice because the shower area is quite spacious and the bath is installed in the corner so it is not going to take much space. You won’t have to make your bathroom congested by deciding whether you need a separate bath and shower.


Most of these baths are constructed from acrylic because it is quite flexible. Usually, thicker acrylic is used for constructing these baths to ensure that they are resilient and strong. You will have to buy the taps and the bath waste separately. You also have to buy the shower screen separately. That is why this bath suite is considered to be an expensive option but it does not necessarily have to be expensive if you choose reasonably priced accessories and fixtures. There is one more thing which you will have to buy separately and that is the panels. For the P shaped bath, the white acrylic panels can be a great fit. If you are choosing any other, just make sure they coordinate with the rest of the bathroom furniture.
P shaped bath might get expensive but it will be a worthy choice in the end if you have a small bathroom and you can fit a separate bath and shower. This bath suite will just be installed in the corner. It will make more space in the bathroom plus it will make it look contemporary. You will love the way your bathroom looks after getting this new bath suite fixed.

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