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Enhance elegancy of bathroom by choosing best flooring

Whenever the question of selecting bathroom flooring comes, we need to think from number of perspectives in terms of beauty, durability, moisture resistant, non slippery and most important budget. So, select such bathroom flooring that fulfills most of your expectation. Bathroom flooring comes in number of varieties, each with different features. Have a look on the types of flooring and decide which will be better for your bathroom.



It includes number of stones like marbles, granites, travertine, slate, limestone, etc. Those are natural stones and thus available in wide range of colors and patterns. Stones are hard and durable. Moreover, they are moisture resistant and also increase beauty of your bathroom. One problem that stone suffers is that they are slippery. But nowadays, you can also find stones made up of such texture that are slip resistant. Other problem is that they are expensive than other types of floorings.


Wood flooring gives great look to the bathroom. It is popular choice among people, but it cannot resist moisture and sometime it also swells up due to water spill on the flooring. If you still want to go with the wood flooring, then engineered wood are available in the market, which has layer of plywood below the real wood. Such wood can resist moisture. Other alternative to wood is laminate, which are not actual wood, but give a look like wood flooring. Laminates are much resistant to water and are also cheaper than wood flooring. So there are many options, if you want to give a look of wood.



It is one of the best choices for bathroom flooring. Along with cheap, it also gives bathroom, a classy look. Moreover, it comes in wide range of varieties with different colors and patterns. You can also find stone like looking ceramic tile. So it is better to go for ceramic instead of expensive stone.


It is also one of the cheaper options. Vinyl comes in numbers of varieties in terms of color, texture, size, etc. It is resistant to water, stain and can be cleaned easily. But suffers from one advantage is that overtime, vinyl starts to come out.


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