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How to design a high efficiency contemporary kitchen

Kitchen design and remodeling is one of the most important tasks undertaken by homeowners today. More and more homeowners have come to realize that there is so much more to a kitchen than a mere cooking area. In addition to family meals, kitchens serve as excellent spaces to host guests over a meal or party. Besides, the majority of gadgets used in the home are housed in the kitchen and all activities have to be balanced with design that incorporates convenience into it. Cabinets, sinks, countertops and lighting, all work in unison to design a high efficiency contemporary kitchen.

Determining the Right Kitchen Layout for a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens usually rely on space organization and the basic elements of the kitchen must be laid out well before focusing on the decorative aspects. The location and position of the stove, the cabinets, the refrigerator and the cabinets is a common warm up design process. Once the allocation is complete to ensure that there is enough functional area to work with for high efficiency and comfortable cooking to take place, the specific details pertaining to organization of the storage space can be dealt with.

While designing the basic layout with these core kitchen components, homeowners must make sure they make their most important paraphernalia accessible and within reach. A good design is topped with colorful and inviting home d├ęcor and accents that match up perfectly with the underlying theme and create a welcoming ambience for the guest and the family.

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Contemporary Kitchens


Storage area in the kitchen is one of the most important aspects of organizing the kitchen well. Care should be taken on, in the initial design process, to make the best use of square yards available in the kitchen area and convert it into storage space that increases efficiency through organization. There are more areas in your kitchen that could be converted into storage space, than you can probably imagine. From under the island cabinets, to hanging pots, carts and handy spice racks, storage can have its own sprawling presence throughout the kitchen. For additional kitchen items that you might need less frequently, a basement storage area will help keep you well-organized.

Spicing up the whole workspace is essential to adding energy to the workspace area. Contemporary kitchens feature a wide range of materials including granite, marble and steel for countertops and vibrant mosaic, glass or artful paint ideas for backsplash design. In the end it is the homeowner who sets the tone for the modern contemporary kitchen.

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