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Rustic and contemporary country kitchen decor ideas

Who does not love a country kitchen! With its spacious shelves, large dining space and openness, a country kitchen is something that everybody desires. But you should not presume that a country kitchen is outdated and does not have modern appliances. The term only denotes the layout of the room.
If you have ever watched any period dramas, Downton Abbey for example, modern country kitchens as based the kitchens of those times. They usually have a central preparation area (which is replaced by an island in recent times), large storage spaces and are generally connected to or open into some other room. Having such an open space for cooking and eating is such a wonderful thing!



Having a lot of plants around
Plants and country kitchens are a match made in heaven. Not only does it give a farmland outdoorsy feel to the kitchen, but some of the plants can also be herbs (basil, coriander, rosemary, etc.) that are used in the cooking. You can also grow small tomato, lemons, avocados, carrots, scallions and salad greens in the kitchen along with herbs indoors. These will brighten up the décor of any country kitchen and be practical too.
What’s more, such plants would complement traditional as well as modern kitchens.

Using wooden chairs and tables
This is a move that can probably only be used for classic country kitchens, but if done smartly, wooden furniture can work for a contemporary settings as well. The solidness of such décor reinforces the country feel of the kitchen.
There is nothing half so pretty as well carved wooden chair and keeping it in the kitchen exudes extreme elegance. You can also add matching serving containers and dishes. If you have every tried an Italian antipasto spread on a wooden board, you would see why a lot of people find such plates and containers so very enchanting.

Having lights and other décor hanging for ceilings
It was not uncommon for things to be hung from the ceiling in country kitchens. Be it herbs or cured meat, such practices were very common. Larger houses had a separate larder for such things, but most other used a corner of the kitchen.
Having colorful lamps overhanging the eating area or a storage unit overhanging the island looks very charming.

Shelves and more shelves
Having shelves around the walls of a country kitchen looks quite enchanting. These shelves need not have just plates, they can have decorative pieces as well as spice and condiment boxes. They make give an authentic country look to the room.

A country kitchen is a probably the loveliest room in any house. Keep it as organic as possible.

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