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The underrated fitted kitchen

The concept of a fitted kitchen was devised after the First World War, when the industrialization was at its zenith and materials were in short supply, thus increasing their prices. As a result, a Swedish company came up with the idea of mass producing kitchen fittings and appliances. As a result, people could get everything that they wanted for their kitchen in one convenient locations; and as they were buying everything together, they received good discounts on the package as well.

This included cabinets, a stove and an oven in the beginning, but a refrigerator was included in the package when they became more easily available. 


Today, most fitted kitchens include cabinets, cupboards, a stove, an oven, a dishwasher, a refrigerator and sometimes an island. It is possible to purchase a few of the above mentioned articles while excluding some of the others. It is not necessary that such a kitchen has to be generic and commonplace. Some of the more expensive brands offer many varieties that look just as attractive as a professionally designed kitchen. And with a few personal touches, a fitted kitchen can be spun to be unique.

The color schemes

Most fitted kitchens are available in a variety of colors and materials. But most brands offer a single color for all the cabinets, doors and cupboards. Some of the more premium brands do offer multicolored cabinets, but the price of deals then increases too. But most of the color schemes offered in these packages match well with all types of kitchen designs; and you can repaint some of them later if you wish.

The convenience

As the parts that are sold in a fitted kitchen are produced together in the same facility, the handles and knobs contained in it are removable and can be used interchangeably. This not only provided the convenience of having spares if in case something vital breaks, it also means that painting and personalizing the cabinets is so much easier.

The advantages

For people that have a budget for making renovations in their kitchens, such fitted kitchens are perfect. They are generally modelled upon classic kitchen styles, which work well with any theme that the rest of the house may have. And such fitted kitchens can be considered as a blank canvas that can be modified and decorated as per one’s aesthetics. And with some of the stylish pre-designed kitchens in the market, one may not need to make any alterations.

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