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Interior design kitchen in your style

Interior Design Kitchen

Whenever anyone thinks of doing the interior design of a home, the kitchen is one area which takes the most time as far as the conceptualization, visualization and finalizing of the design is concerned. Whether you take the help of professionals or want to do it yourself by looking at interior design ideas on the Internet, the options are endless. It may even become confusing after a point of time.

This article will try to minimize this very confusion and overwhelming feeling and provide you with some simple, basic yet effective kitchen interior design ideas that don’t feel like you are taking on too much. With just a few changes you can achieve the look that you see in those glossy magazines.

  • Paint – Sometimes all it takes to give your kitchen a new look is a fresh coat of paint. And the paint need not be just on the wall. You can even change the color of your cabinets and appliances. Go a step further to add color through the light fixtures and by hanging paintings on your kitchen walls. If you have a larger kitchen that has a sitting area, try changing the upholstery to give your kitchen a completely different look and feel.
  • Redesign – If you want to go a step further you could switch the location of your workstation, sink and other appliances. With a different orientation your kitchen will definitely feel like a new one. You won’t have the dishwasher where it used to be. You refrigerator will be where your sink was earlier and you will enjoy this new feeling of reorienting yourself to the new décor.
  • Restructure – If you are in the mood for a big demolition and if you have the space, then I suggest breaking down a few walls and really opening up the kitchen to give an open feel. You could add an island in the middle and use it as an additional workstation or prep area.


Make sure that the new design of your kitchen still matches with the design of the rest of the house or else it you will end up hating it. You could opt for a traditional style with wooden furniture and white appliances, a country look with bright colors everywhere or a sleek industrial look with stainless steel appliances and black counter tops.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you know what you want before you start changing things!

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