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So many kitchen colour ideas

Kitchen Colour Ideas

Have you been thinking of renovating your kitchen but don’t really think there is anything much to change? Yet, you want a fresh, new look for your kitchen. The best thing to do in this case is to completely liven it up by simply giving it a new color. There are so many colors to choose from that this decision may in fact become very difficult for you. This article will give you some really cool kitchen color ideas that suit different types of kitchens.

Ideally speaking white, grey, blue, red and orange are the few colors that look really good in a kitchen. While white blue and grey are softer colors and add a touch of class and elegance to the kitchen, red and orange, being warm colors, are great for stimulating the appetite and can be used in various shades to ensure they are not too bold.

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The kitchen is the one place in the house where everyone gets together to spend time with each other, many people start their days in the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee or orange juice. Therefore, a kitchen has to be in a color which you would love to see first thing in the morning. Here are some colors you can choose from:

      • Blue and white – Paint your kitchen walls with a single shade of blue or use darker shades at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. Ensure that all your cabinets and appliances are in white. This will give your kitchen a fresh morning look and instantly make it a happy place.


    • Grey, black and white – Grey is a neutral color and is therefore loved by all. You can use a grey tone for both your cabinets as well as walls. Buy appliances that are black in color to give your kitchen a sophisticated feel. Combine with white colored fixtures and your kitchen will look like a page out of an interior design magazine.
  • Shades of red and orange – Many people believe that red and orange are the best colors for a kitchen. Just make sure that you down the brightness with some solid black or white countertops and appliances. You can also use tones of yellow with red and orange. Just play around with shades till you get your perfect look.
  • Green – Green is another great color for kitchens. Add a pop of yellow and red in a few places to make your kitchen look like a summer garden.

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