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Maple kitchen cabinets are here to stay

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

With the real estate prices shooting up by the day people are having to settle for smaller homes. Smaller homes translate into smaller kitchens. But limited space does not mean you have to compromise on design and style. The latest thing catching the attention of kitchen designers is maple kitchen cabinets. These lend a stylish look to nay kitchen and have many other benefits too.

Maple kitchen cabinets are also becoming increasingly popular because of their toughness and beauty. Maple is such a versatile wood that it looks good for both traditional and modern kitchen designs. Predominantly white or creamy in color, Maple can also be obtained with a touch of red or brown to accent its look. This article will tell you all you need to know about maple kitchen cabinets; features of maple, its benefits and the various styles in maple kitchen cabinets.

Features of Maple wood

Maple is characterized by fine brown colored lines on the surface along with curly or wavy graining, mineral streaks and bird’s eye dots. Other specific features are:

  • Creamy white color or reddish/brownish tones
  • Mineral streaks and insect marks appear darker with stain as do the graining and dot marks.
  • Lighter colored cabinets may turn yellow over time

Benefits of using Maple wood

Maple has been used in kitchen furniture since centuries and also features in many antique furniture pieces. The reasons for this are:

  • Maple has a consistently fine grain that makes it look handsome, uniform, smooth and classy, thus enabling it to be used for both classic and contemporary designs.
  • Maple has a very warm shading which is perfect for taking stains. This means it can be accentuated with darker shades such as red or brown and still looks natural.
  • Maple is also one of the stronger kinds of woods. It is tougher and more durable and thus proves to be value for money. Once you make your cabinets with Maple you are set for a lifetime.

Maple kitchen cabinet ideas

As mentioned above the color of the Maple cabinet gives it a new look every time. When you combine it with a specific colored wall or backsplash it can lend an entirely unique look to your kitchen. Here are some ideas:

  • Spice Maple for traditional kitchens – Maple with honey tones with golden granite countertops, crown moldings, frosted glass doors and a wine rack make any kitchen feel like a day in the Tuscan summer.
  • Ivory oasis – Use ivory colored Maple with black or grey counters and stainless steel appliances. Add a bright blue or yellow for the retro look.
  • Cutting edge Pacifica – Dark Maple goes well with a jet black countertop gives a luxurious and stylish look to any kitchen.

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