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Jewsons kitchens – the ultimate destination for modern & traditional kitchens!

Jewsons kitchens are one of the leading suppliers of new kitchens in UK. They provide all the modern kitchen designs you have been looking for. They have been in the business for several decades and that is the biggest advantage of doing business with them. They have helped thousands of customers to walk away with their dream kitchen design.


They offer an excellent range of traditional, modern and Shaker kitchens. You will be truly amazed by the kind of designs they have at their disposal. You will definitely be spoilt for choice when you visit their store, be it online or offline. Also, they offer custom built designs and they have plenty of designers working for them to provide the most unique designs to the customers. This will be very helpful in making the right decision. They have in-house design software, which is the reason behind the success of their business. This allows them to give unique designs utilizing the maximum potential of the space available. Jewsons Kitchens also have a huge stock of tiles, flooring, appliances, handles, knobs, worktops and taps. They have all the necessary accessories for a customer looking for an all-in shop. They will give a complete makeover to your kitchen for a price which is not that high.

Main categories

Let’s take a look at the main categories of Jewsons kitchens. As stated before, Modern Kitchens, Traditional Kitchens and Shaker Kitchens are the main categories. Let’s take a closer look. Let’s first see the case of Modern Kitchens. They have on-trend minimalist kitchens with high-gloss slab doors with different colors. They offer sophisticated and sleek design in this category. As far as the colors are concerned, you have a wide variety to choose from including clean, toned colors, bright colors and earthy colors. Now let’s take a look at the Shaker Kitchens. These kitchens keep a perfect balance between modern and traditional designs. They have a versatile collection of Shaker Kitchens suiting all types of properties. Now it’s time to check out Traditional Kitchens. They offer heritage style with sophistication.


Jewson has been in the business for more than 175 years and Jewsons Kitchens have been serving the customers for more than 30 years. That says everything about the trustworthiness of the brand.

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