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How the industry has changed to incorporate contemporary kitchen and bath design trends

Although the design industry in kitchen and bath modeling and remodeling uncovers new and fresh trends at a gradual pace, the number of designers involved in the process has considerably grown, and so has number of different styles displayed in contemporary homes today.

Designers are prone to blending traditionally used materials with new, sublime materials with properties that make it more effective and durable for modern living. This creates a more inviting and comfortable outlook for the dwelling space.

Kitchens still seem to use maple and oak for major workspace design. However bamboo also exhibits itself as a popular material in kitchen design.

Designers of kitchens and baths tend to be consistent with color choices, with dark finishes still popular as they were in the yester years. Painted cabinets are seen more than usual and all white and glossy white seems to be the most popular choice, and expected to retain its position in future as well.

Kitchens and baths use glass in creative ways today. Besides mirrors, glass can be an awesome choice for backsplash design, with the varieties of glass textures available in the market. However, glass countertops seem to relatively rare in kitchen design. Granite and quartz on the other hand make viable choices for matching up the backsplash and the counters in the major workspace area.

When it comes to lighting area for kitchens and baths, designers and homeowners unanimously go for energy efficient lighting. The shadow free effect that can be created using the LED lighting fixtures in living spaces makes the choice very viable for homeowners. Faucets and sprayers in kitchen and bath designs are most volatile and get constantly updated on the industrial side. That enables the homeowners to be able to choose from virtually unlimited number of options. Expert and professional opinion is absolutely essential in this case and ensures sound decision making in terms of both aesthetics and utility.

For the design industry, keeping track of new trends and utility aspects for homeowners has become essential for success. For example, two important aspects of kitchen and bath design have surfaced as faucet design for kitchens and medicine cabinets for the bathrooms. Designers have to work with homeowners to come up with the best planning that blends aesthetics with effectiveness and convenience, while retaining core values and preferences of the house owners.

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