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Kitchen door knobs

Kitchen Door Knobs
Just like few accessories make a simple dress beautiful, small creative things like kitchen door knobs can create a great impact on the appearance of kitchen cabinets and the room overall. Therefore if you are something of a creative mind, you will definitely need a more than just a simple door knob, to refresh the overall look of the kitchen. Kitchen door knobs are definitely one of the less expensive updating projects you can take on to change the look of your cabinets. Not only do kitchen door knob can be a cost effective part of your remodeling project, they have to be considered for their practical implications of choosing the right hardware.
But before you make any choice between which kitchen door knobs you will choose for your kitchen, you must also consider the substitute that is kitchen door handles. Though they serve one purpose, there are advantages and disadvantages of having door knobs versus handles and vice versa. So, what to choose?

Knobs at one hand are attached at just one point of the surface; therefore they have a huge screw that goes through all the way from door to the drawer front. Kitchen handles have two attachment points and some of the more stylish ones which are longer use more surface. Therefore choosing between the two is a decision which depends upon home owner’s style and preference. There also practical decisions of form and function which must integrate perfectly with creative concepts –
• Kitchen door knobs
The kitchen door knobs are available in variety of range of materials, finishes and styles etc. Plus door knobs only require one hole on the cabinet door instead of two or more, like a door handle would. However, the single attachment on the door may lead it to be loosened more easily than a handle as the whole pressure is on a single point. They give less purchase and there come off more easily.

• Kitchen door pulls and handles
The advantage of using kitchen door handle is that they give more purchase and are more secure than door knobs. Especially when you have long cabinets, door handles are a good choice as they are long and secure. The disadvantage of door pulls, is they have limited range when it comes to style compared to door knobs.


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