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The vintage bathrooms

Victorian bathrooms have a unique theme that originated from the ancient period. Victorian bathrooms were specifically used by the royal families hence they were believed to be very unique and highly sophisticated. In this present generation, Victorian bathrooms can be used by everybody provided that you have the space that perfectly fits its definition.

Components of the classic bathroom

Victorian bathrooms are also known as the vintage type of bathrooms because they consist of various components. Most of accessories that are present in these bathrooms are always elegant with an additional element of distinction with a combination of new and old charm.

Shower trims

There are several shower trims that are available for this bathroom. They are designed in such a way that they have pressure balance valves that help regulate the temperatures of the water hence avoiding sudden changes when there is a switch from cold water to hot water and vice versa. The sprayers on the shower trims are soft and well holed to release the required amount of water.

Bath types

There are different bath types that perfectly fit in these bathrooms:

Whirlpool baths

They bring out the sense of relaxation and tranquility and they are available in different colors and shapes and they will always give you the best bathing experience.

Corner bath

If you have a Victorian bathroom with limited space then this bath type will be very suitable.
There are other bath types of bath that you can fix in this bathroom like freestanding, shower baths and many more.

Lighting system

You can come up with any lighting system so long as it illuminates well the whole bathroom, you can therefore have soft light for the general bathroom and a brighter lighter near the dressing mirror.

The floor

Go for something that will compliment the general look of the bathroom, you can therefore decide to use the granite tiles, the ceramic tiles or any other type that is available in the market. All you have to know is that Victorian bathrooms are quite popular because of the distinctive features that make them.

Having the most perfect Victorian bathroom is not an easy task but with the correct components, you can come up with one of the best bathrooms ever.

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